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2022 Year In Review - Food & Beverage

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We had a successful year in the Food & Beverage/Banquets department! We hosted a wide variety of events including a night of the Food & Wine Festival, our first large corporate event at Dobson in several years and several golf tournament dinners. Our overall sales grew in the event department by over 20%. In the Grill on the Gore restaurant, our sales grew in addition to improved guest service scores. We sold over 400 cocktails from the bar that utilized ingredients from our house garden.

Additionally, being able to have the beverage cart out on the course from the beginning of the season was a win for us!

We hosted several large-scale events in Dobson Arena that have not been held in several years such as: Project Funway, several large Hispanic dances and Vail Yeti games.

Staff Additions

We added a year-round Banquets Manager, Adrienne Chavez, as well as a year-round Concessions Manager, Shane Bowman.

Food & Beverage Sales


Calendar year, January 1–December 31
2022: $521,500
2021: $497,657

Summer months only: May 1–October 31
2022: $444,300
2021: $454,900


2022: $1,113,000
2021: $798,750

A fresh salad with strawberries, avocado, greens, and cheese, a fork, and a blurry natural backdrop.
We had great feedback about our food and service in the Grill on the Gore restaurant in 2022.
Compost bin signs promoting "Turn your spoils into soil" with contact info for Evergreen ZeroWaste.
We partnered with Walking Mountains Science Center on a sustainability program at Dobson Ice Arena for Vail Yeti games. Thus far, this has been a huge success regarding minimizing trash and becoming more efficient with composting and recycling.
Menu from Dobson Arena listing food and non-alcoholic beverage options with prices.
We hosted several large-scale events in Dobson Arena that have not been held in several years including: Project Funway, many large Hispanic dances and Vail Yeti games.
Buffet setup with serving pots, utensils, and food labels.
We continued to serve our winter soup buffet with an unlimited $12 soup buffet in 2022, and expanded our craft beer selections.
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