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Kidzone School's Out Camp

Operated by the VRD's Community Programming department, KidZone is fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Care. Staff members are highly qualified youth professionals. KidZone's purpose is to provide a structured program during non-school hours that engages and challenges children so they may thrive socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. KidZone meets after school and on designated no-school days. Through sports, gym games, playground play, arts and crafts, group games, homework help, after-school chores and relaxation time, KidZone's flexible schedule allows children to make choices, work and play cooperatively, develop a sense of responsibility and provide an experience full of imagination and activity.

How Sick Is Too Sick?01.12.2024 Updated 2023-2024 Policies & Procedures

    Schools Out Camp Days (2023-2024):

    No School AND No KidZone on: September 4, October 13, November 23, 24, December 25, Jan 1, 15, April 26, May 27

    Drop-Off (7:45 p.m. to 9 a.m.): Park at the school parking lot. Walk your child into the school gymnasium using the east entrance doors (by recycling dumpster). Call 970-331-2909 if you don't see us.

    Pick Up (4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.): Park at the school parking lot. Walk into the school gymnasium using the east entrance doors (by recycling dumpster). Call 970-331-2909 if you don't see us.

    Location: Red Sandstone Elementary School Gymnasium, Cafeteria and KidZone classroom above the gym.

    Ages: Children 5 years old (AND in kindergarten) through 5th grade will enjoy a variety of activities. Advanced registration is required.

    School's Out Camp Fees

    • Cost: $55 per day

    The Kidzone Philosophy

    VRD Youth Services provides engaging life experiences for young people that promote physical activity and cognitive development in an inclusive setting where kids learn to make positive choices. KidZone accomplishes this by:

    • Providing a safe, caring and accepting environment
    • Involving youth in developmentally appropriate activities
    • Encouraging creativity and curiosity
    • Modeling positive life skills
    • Staff members are active participants in children’s activities and openly communicate with children’s

    Paperwork required! Choose "Kidzone paperwork application 2023/24" under "Season passes & applications" tab in the store


    To set up an account and register for KidZone activities:

    1. Click Register near the top-right.
    2. Click on the “Season Passes & Applications” tab
    3. Select the “KidZone Paperwork Application 2023/24” item (this is our KidZone form in electronic format and you’ll complete the fields as your proceed through checkout).
    4. Click blue “add” button

    IF you have not set up an account in our database, you will be prompted to set up an account. Be sure to go through all the prompts. The parent is the primary account holder and then add your child/ren as member/s on your account.

    IF you have an account, log in and proceed

    • Be sure to select your child (not yourself) when adding the paperwork application to your account.
    • As you complete the check-out process you will complete the paperwork application (please be thorough in completing ALL fields and follow all directions)
    • Once you complete the paperwork application VRD staff will review it and then give you access to register for KidZone activities.
    • Severe Allergy/Medication paperwork signed by a physician (Permission for Medication Administration FormEpiPen Care Plan FormAsthma Care Plan Form) - upload to form online via Amilia database.

    Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and Scholarships available. Please contact Community Programming for more information.

    Call 970-479-2292 or email: for more information