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Compliance Policy

Compliance Deposit: $500 (due 30 days prior to the event)
The goal of the banquet and event department is to ensure that our guests have a positive and memorable experience at our venue. The clubhouse is located on a municipal golf course and adjacent to a residential neighborhood. All users of the Wedding Island, banquet room, banquet patio or banquet lawn agree to respect the quiet enjoyment of the neighborhood properties and to be held to the requirements hereinafter set forth. Failure to comply with these provisions shall be grounds for revocation and forfeiture of some or all of the compliance deposit in the amount of $500.

Noise and Amplified Sound
All uses and all activities associated to or within the clubhouse, including the wedding island, banquet room, banquet patio and banquet lawn shall conform to the Town of Vail noise ordinance. There is no power on the Wedding Island. Amplified sound is permitted on the banquet patio and banquet lawn for a person speaking or officiating a wedding, or for live music performed during a wedding ceremony or similar activity. No amplification of any kind is permitted outdoors after 8 p.m. Amplified sound is permitted indoors after 8 p.m., however all exterior doors of the banquet room shall be closed and remain closed at any time amplified sound is in use. Town of Vail noise ordinance requires that all sound originating from the premise not exceed 45 decibels after 8 p.m.

Event Parking
All uses associated to or within the clubhouse, including the Wedding Island, banquet room, banquet patio and banquet lawn are provided with eight (8) parking spaces within the clubhouse parking lot. All uses and activities will be required to submit a transportation plan. Absolutely no parking shall be allowed on Sunburst Drive. This prohibition is enforced by the Vail Police Department and may result in guests’ vehicles being ticketed and or towed at the owner’s expense. All users must utilize shuttle vans or buses from local hotels, the Vail Transportation Center, the Lionshead Transportation Center or other locations. No overnight parking is allowed in the clubhouse parking lot.

Event Timing
The rental of our event venues is allocated by packages. The client agrees to limit their event, including load-in, break down and load-out, to their purchased package with the allotted block of time. Arrival or departure of equipment, rentals, guests or subcontractors prior to or after the allocated block of time is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Vail Recreation District Group Sales Manager. The Vail Recreation District shall have appropriate staff on-site during the event to monitor compliance with these requirements.

Event Planning
Planning an event will require our clients to provide specific information at specific times. Food and beverage menus must be decided 30 days prior to the event date. Final guest counts are due 14 days prior to the event date. It is the responsibility of the clients to provide this information at the required time. If for any reason the information is not provided by the required dates, the client may lose a portion or all of their compliance deposit.

Alcohol Policy
All alcohol must be purchased and consumed on the premise. It is strictly prohibited to bring any alcohol not purchased through the banquet department onto the licensed liquor premise. Clients or guests found with alcohol not purchased on premise will have the beverages confiscated and may result in forfeiture of a portion or all of the clients’ compliance deposit.