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Competitive Team

Program Overview

A gymnast performing a handstand on the uneven bars.

Our USA Gymnastics Girls competitive team is an invitation-only program, and students must be promoted by the instructor or cleared by a scheduled evaluation. Vail Gymnastics trains and competes in the USA Gymnastics Developmental Program. Gymnasts at this level understand the commitment required to excel in this program. In the lower levels there are specific routines set by USAG. Once a gymnast advances into level 7 or higher, the gymnast will have more freedom with their specific skills and choreography. Hours and commitment are usually higher in the Development Program. 

Girls Levels 3-5 practice 8-12 hours per week and compete from September–December. Levels 6-10 practice 15-20 hours per week and compete from December-May.

Girls USAG Developmental Levels

LEVELS 1-3: These are the beginner levels focused on developing the basics. Gymnasts will learn level 1-3 skills before advancing to our level 3 competitive team.
LEVEL 4: This may be the first or second level a gymnast will compete. Challenges include a kip on bars; the cartwheel on beam; and the front handspring and two consecutive back handsprings on floor.
LEVEL 5: Challenges include the front handspring over the table on vault; the clearhip and fly away dismount on bars, the back walkover on beam, and the front tuck and back tuck on floor.
LEVEL 6 and 7: For this level, gymnasts have their own individual routines; however, the requirements are still very specific. Gymnasts must have back layout and a front tumbling pass which includes a salto on floor; they must have a clear hip and giants on bars; they must have a flight skill and salto dismount on beam.
LEVEL 8 AND UP: The specific skills used at these levels vary widely from gymnast to gymnast.

Competitive Team Highlights

A happy young woman in a gym with balloons, a cake on a table, and "CORTLAND I'M IN!" signs.

Congratulations to our 2019 level 10 graduate, Samantha Nothnagel. Samantha is now competing for the SUNY Cortland Red Dragons in Cortland, NY. 
Congratulations to our 2022 Developmental Level 7's and 8 who qualified to the Regional Championships. Level 8, Ava Knight finished 6th overall in the Region in Estes Park, CO. Level 7, Naya Rostad finished 8th overall in the Region in Plano, TX.