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2022 Year in Review Home 

The image shows a logo with the text "2022 YEAR IN REVIEW" and initials "VRD" for Vail Recreation District.

2022 was a transitional year for the Vail Recreation District. We made a return to our pre-pandemic regular programming. For example, we held Santa's Workshop in-person at the Imagination Station for the first time since 2019. While we made due with Virtual Santa for two years, it was great to get children and their families back in person visiting with Santa and making Christmas crafts. Likewise, the Kids Adventure Games Family Mud Run returned for the first time since the pandemic. Our Food & Beverage department also hosted events at Dobson Arena that we had not in several years, such as Project Funway and Hispanic dances.
The increase in participation that we saw during the pandemic remained high. The renewed interest in golf, tennis and other recreational activities remains steady. 
The Vail Recreation District was not immune to the staffing challenges in the Vail Valley. Most of our departments were understaffed for some or most of the year. Our existing staff worked incredibly hard to maintain our high standards for programming, and we thank each one of them for all of their hard work.
In the map below, click on the facilities for an overview of each department's year in 2022. Further down this page, view board member info, financial summaries and distribution of scholarship funds.

Board Members

A smiling man wearing a checkered shirt, against a mottled gray background. (Photo: Professional portrait)

In 2022, we bid farewell to board chair Tom Saalfeld and board member Kim Newbury Rediker, whose terms were up. We welcomed new board chair Bob Armour as well as John Rediker, who joined existing members Roland Kjesbo, Jason Plante and Kirk Hansen to round out the Vail Recreation District Board of Directors.




2022 Department Revenues - Budgeted Vs. Actual

A horizontal bar chart comparing budgeted and actual expenses for various departments and activities.

Total Revenue - Budgeted: $10,141,634 | Actual: $15,643,691
Property & Other Taxes Revenue - Budgeted: $4,799,517 | Actual: $4,824,138
Other Non-departmentalized Revenue - Budgeted: $40,500 | Actual: $219,099

2022 Department Expenses - Budgeted Vs. Actual

Horizontal bar chart comparing budgeted and actual expenses for various departments.

Total Expenses - Budgeted: $8,143,442 | Actual: $8,209,784

Two pie charts showing 2022 revenues by source and expenses by department, with taxes constituting the largest revenue source at 44%.

2022 Distribution Of Tom Slaughter, Jr. Youth Recreation Grant And Scholarship Funds

  • $1,000 to After School Program participants (Community Programming)
  • $2,700 to Camp Vail participants (Community Programming)
  • $750 grant to Cycle Effect (Sports Department)
  • $658 to Sports Department participants
  • $80 to Vail Nordic Center participants
  • $322 to Vail Gymnastics Center participants
  • $12,000 in College Scholarships

Total: $17,510