Over-the-Line Tournament


Summer Over-the-Line Tournament

Tournament Rules | Online Registration

Dates: June 20-30
Location: Homestake Peak School baseball fields in EagleVail.

The Vail Recreation District is excited to bring the popular Over-the-Line (OTL) sport to the Vail Valley for the first time! OTL is a thrilling bat-and-ball game like baseball and softball. Like
those games, it involves a batter, pitcher and fielders. Unlike baseball and softball, there is no base running – only hitting and fielding.

The tournament brings together teams of four players, showcasing their skills in a fast-paced game. A team can comprise all women, all men or a combination. The OTL format encourages strategic gameplay, powerful hitting and exceptional fielding, generating excitement for competitors and spectators.


16 teams will be divided randomly into two Leagues: American (8) and National (8). The Leagues will be divided randomly into two Divisions: East (4) and West (4). The Division teams will play each other (three games per team). The top team from each Division will play a single-elimination tournament. The Division ranking is determined by (1) best record, (2) head-to-head, (3) net runs (scored vs given up).

Games will be played from Tue, June 20 through Fri, June 30 at Homestake Peak School. There will be three games played each day, starting at 5:30 p.m. Each game will be three innings or 30 minutes, whichever comes first. The team with the most runs wins. If the score is tied after three innings or 30 minutes, one extra inning will be played. If the score remains tied after the extra inning, the team with the most hits wins. Please see the tournament rules for details.

The tournament’s championship team players will receive a special prize!

The cost per team is $40 for a VRD league team and $80 for a non-VRD league team. Register online at www.vailrec.com/register.

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